Friday, 29 January 2010

Drawing 28th January 2010 part 1

during the morning I've been doing some collage by experimenting with 6 six different types of paper and creating a collage for them. i was doing four of those collage this what came up.

Upcoming Exhibition

Exhibition at the Ancient House, Ipswich
Sunday 14th Feb- Friday 19th Feb

Thursday, 28 January 2010

the boy who using colour in illstration

during the last few I've been using different technique of colour such as paints like watercolor, acrylic, for paper wise envelops and masking this is the stuff that i've been making. they've been the most sucessful illustration that i've ever done if NUCA or Anglia ruskin take me on I'll be proud

Friday, 22 January 2010

Drawing 21st January 2010 part 2

during the afternoon i did illustration with andrew. this time I've done some double page spreads and contumacious line drawing with my V7 BALL PEN and a color felt tip and this is what is turned out like.

Drawing 21st January 2010 part 1

for the morning drawing sessions i design my museum drawing into colorful illustration and they turn out really amazing to look at by using oil pastels, inks, colored paper and watercolours
and this is what it turn out like.

Monday, 18 January 2010

illustration second term Part 2

After doing the 12 drawing for last week I've used a A3 Window to collage like masking tape, newspaper and magazine stuff like the table, objects etc , during the noon I've starting painting then by using acrylic paints and putting on the people afterward it's was a good session to enjoy and I've learned alot from the stuff that I've done today.

Saturday, 16 January 2010

12 Illustrated drawings

These are the 12 drawings that i've done over the week for this coming Monday
These drawings are from different locations like college, town and my house
I think some are really amazing to looking at and some are really good to experiment with.

Thursday, 14 January 2010

Custom FX pedals by PICKLETECH

during my National diploma in art and design I've sort got some art out there with My friends guitar/voice FX pedal making
here's of my art work from last year and the last term they're awesome pedal to jam with and make some sound.
He made my a fuzz/booster with my last years art and My friends voice FX pedal also with my art and new one with my my Last term during graphics
anyone who's interested in getting there art on there pedal Check out the website
It's the local custom FX Pedal I've got into.

Drawing part 2 Ilustrating the model

for the afternoon time I was meeting my Ilustration mates to do 3 10 minutes drawing using all sorts of material, then one different location, after break I went up on the otherside of buliding a two drawings there, One standing near the window and two looking at the model relocating and them i relocated to the learning curve to do one drawing of the model reading a book. For the image that I've done today I would like to do some of my 12 drawings that i have to come up this monday.
The illustration group is really interesting to me and I'm going achive some much in illstration.