Friday, 27 November 2009

drawing with models and location

yesterday at drawing class I draw a model called Malcolm I used a graphite Pen 6B with a banboozle stick, Then After break I sat on a easile with a board and did a few more the last drawing turned out supperued and i think it was a great morning to start. for the afternoon I have to do 2 drawings in 45 minutes However I've done 3 Drawings because The first one didn't go so well. however I find third close because It's was kinda getting there.

Wednesday, 25 November 2009

20 Posted Notes

For Our last month tutorial I did some posted notes, during my time I've been doing alot of posted notes in Amsterdam and London too. They became Really amazing to draw and it's show alot of creativity.i find the 20 posted Notes To do and I'll Continue to do some more.


Today I've alot of work in graphics with Simon today, In Way Illustration and Graphic sink in well for me because I'm really into experimenting with other materials and Mixed Media.
I took alot of inspiration of the 1960's Magazine OZ and this what I came up with today.
I have done Inventions, New Music, Dream and lost worlds. I fell like it's all coming together and creating lots of work for myself and for the illustration and graphic world.

next week part of Graphics....

For this Graphics Theme I have new Music. For new Music I have choose my favourite band of the decade future of the Left Ex McLusky and Jarcrew, This Is What new music should be about with Future of the Left, If you haven't heard of them check them :)

Friday, 20 November 2009

Book Cover project

2 weeks ago during drawing sessions on Thursdays we produce alot of book covers of the big sleep, free fall, the devil in velvet, green danger, the case of the black eyed Blonde etc, for me I did the case of the black eyed Blonde
We produce 3 drawings of the title And they're really sketchy and experimental.

Thursday, 19 November 2009

the twin Project 5/11/09to19/11/09

for the twin project faye and I because Twin for 2 week because at that time we both went to amsterdam for the twin project
It's was a good project we were like the adventures of bill and ted :)
we also did some in London like Taking pictures etc

I Like to think Roise for taking these pictures of us in Amsterdam

UCAS Fair and TATE in london

On Tuesday ND2 and Foundation student went to London by coach, First we went to UCAS Fair in East London first to check out the uni which one is right for you, I think That BATH spa would be good , Northampton would be good too, Cambridge i thought it first by 3rd place, Norwich too random and Gloustershire uni have Reached me by there lovey work by Hanna.
I Loved the way that gloustershire has alot of excellent drawings and I want to go there for uni next year.

For the afternoon Us lot went to Tate Modern. I was Still doing my Twin project with Faye we had a look around the gallery and they had some excellent art work of surrealism which i love the most, It's was a shame that you have to paid to go in the pop art gallery which really love to however i did some photo there

Overall It's was good day out to learn and choose.

Monday, 16 November 2009

Matt catling illustration pt 3

For Todays Illustration I've been combining my ideas from Home, last year and Amsterdam Into some excellent illustration

1. For the first image, I find this the start as images gets stronger and stronger by using some skecthy faces by cutting and paste, I've been using the photocopier for colour negative and sticking them on the news print along side with ink,

2. For the second image I've did some photocoping on one of my drawings that i've done in my visual diary of the human bellies and creative this drawing Called Surreal thinking because It's show apart of the AM I REAL question and It's has a surreal element toward this illustration, I find this image a surreal thinking because I'm Really into surrealism.

3. I find this image one of the best because It's got alot details, drawing clones and dashing some ink on the clone, It's usually red and a bit of orange and black for a bit of detail, I love the question mark over the air, It's really noticeable on the clones all colored and It's really because the way I drawing and use things because I'm Really inspired by other artists such as Ralph steadmen and Basquiat because On there political and society ways on ART.

Matt catling illustration pt 2

During My spare time I've been doing alot of out side work at home and in Amsterdam to creative more idea and more images such as reseraching, recycling, skecthing and collarging.

i find thing collaging it's really ramdon thing to do because Been recycling with last year into this year work, I used alot of posted note for this one and Photo that i took last year.

For These I found some old photos many years back and drawn them, They look awesome And truly gave me some ideas to work on.

Matt catling illustration pt 1

Well For Me in Illustration is one of my favorites in the art world, During Simon Wild illustration Classes I've been try out new things such as Ink and newspaper print, I'm Really a messy person when it comes to illustration in so many way because....
1. I draw most ramdon things
2. I cut and paste magazines, newspapers and ramdon draw or glue them into Da Da

Here are some of the work that i've done during college and home of the theme Am I real?

For these Images that i've taking by photo they seen really well presented and Professional I find the collage is the best because It's show creativtiy and progression.

For this Image I've to make this experimental and well presented it's has a avent garde influence but with news print, It's sharp, It's Detailed and The Illustration Is Strong on this image.

For this Image, The Image shows How i would represent Am I real because A Human Is Strugging to cope in the world and saying am I real, because The person doesn't seen to fit in. Overall I used Plenty of material such as Inks, Tipp ex, pencil and pen, I think This would be good for a autistic society campaign because It's about alienation and I also find This Personal because It's kinda remind of me really in the way I see, talk and hear things.

Sunday, 15 November 2009

Amsterdam Trip PT2


1. I find this collage representable because It's alot graphic details, i cut out magazine, and postcards, then i used felt pen and smudge them, then this image came to me and it's really beautiful

2. during my time away from Ipswich i've been doing some posted note and here's are the posted note image Of Two artists of Baron wolmen,s rolling stone year that i saw in Amsterdam, Frank zappa (1940-1993 because I love frank zappa music so much, i find ways to inspire myself I did drawing of the musicial and write on the other two. As for Jimi Hendrex (1942-1970) His music Created psychedelic fuzzed guitars and here's the four image that I've done. I find the 3rd one the best because It's neat and tidy.

Amsterdam Trip

The Amsterdam Trip was a complete success Because I really have enjoyed going there and Felling my expression.
There were lots of art galleries such as Gallery Utrecht, gallery delaive, the Marc Chagall Museum, Sixty one gallery etc, However the Language and culture was different then Ipswich because alot of Successful shops, The night was Beautiful and I got to know Another People From the Foundation student such as Rachel and Kristy, However I was Ask to do a visual diary of Amsterdam And here are some Images.

Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Todays Tutorial....

Todays Tutorial was the best one so far because I have To find a page out of a magazine. For me I used to page Of Mark E. Smith out of the Fall (band) And Resemble the page and this is what came like.

I find the work really enjoyable and I Fell great for to do the resembling today, I call this a Dada Revival.

I'm Also A fan Of The fall they're one of the best band Post punk band i ever listen too.

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Music video 2

Here's the video to see it's really good and fun to do I've choose the soundtrack from the indie pop belle and Sebastian because It's video is very kiddy and twee.

animation part 2

Here' s a few more that were taking during the animation. On The is Caz drawing on one the backgrounds, I find it really fun to do

here's the two messing up the character It was good to the stop motion programme for the this

For the Last Image This is the ending It was meant to say the end instead it's TA END lol OMG

Sunday, 1 November 2009

The Animation

Here's is the final piece for the animation that I've done
The four Was Off sick that day so however things weren't really going to plan because we're meant to do a forest , however we've done a alternative version to this animation

. For the animation that a few foundation student and myself produced the animation on a programme called stop motion pro and it was a good programme that it's used last year during my first year in ND.

The character that we've done were pretty cute
and silly in a funny way and then we just done something like do three backgrounds and drawled all over them.

like this......

all coloured and messed around with