Thursday, 19 November 2009

UCAS Fair and TATE in london

On Tuesday ND2 and Foundation student went to London by coach, First we went to UCAS Fair in East London first to check out the uni which one is right for you, I think That BATH spa would be good , Northampton would be good too, Cambridge i thought it first by 3rd place, Norwich too random and Gloustershire uni have Reached me by there lovey work by Hanna.
I Loved the way that gloustershire has alot of excellent drawings and I want to go there for uni next year.

For the afternoon Us lot went to Tate Modern. I was Still doing my Twin project with Faye we had a look around the gallery and they had some excellent art work of surrealism which i love the most, It's was a shame that you have to paid to go in the pop art gallery which really love to however i did some photo there

Overall It's was good day out to learn and choose.

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