Monday, 16 November 2009

Matt catling illustration pt 1

Well For Me in Illustration is one of my favorites in the art world, During Simon Wild illustration Classes I've been try out new things such as Ink and newspaper print, I'm Really a messy person when it comes to illustration in so many way because....
1. I draw most ramdon things
2. I cut and paste magazines, newspapers and ramdon draw or glue them into Da Da

Here are some of the work that i've done during college and home of the theme Am I real?

For these Images that i've taking by photo they seen really well presented and Professional I find the collage is the best because It's show creativtiy and progression.

For this Image I've to make this experimental and well presented it's has a avent garde influence but with news print, It's sharp, It's Detailed and The Illustration Is Strong on this image.

For this Image, The Image shows How i would represent Am I real because A Human Is Strugging to cope in the world and saying am I real, because The person doesn't seen to fit in. Overall I used Plenty of material such as Inks, Tipp ex, pencil and pen, I think This would be good for a autistic society campaign because It's about alienation and I also find This Personal because It's kinda remind of me really in the way I see, talk and hear things.

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