Monday, 16 November 2009

Matt catling illustration pt 3

For Todays Illustration I've been combining my ideas from Home, last year and Amsterdam Into some excellent illustration

1. For the first image, I find this the start as images gets stronger and stronger by using some skecthy faces by cutting and paste, I've been using the photocopier for colour negative and sticking them on the news print along side with ink,

2. For the second image I've did some photocoping on one of my drawings that i've done in my visual diary of the human bellies and creative this drawing Called Surreal thinking because It's show apart of the AM I REAL question and It's has a surreal element toward this illustration, I find this image a surreal thinking because I'm Really into surrealism.

3. I find this image one of the best because It's got alot details, drawing clones and dashing some ink on the clone, It's usually red and a bit of orange and black for a bit of detail, I love the question mark over the air, It's really noticeable on the clones all colored and It's really because the way I drawing and use things because I'm Really inspired by other artists such as Ralph steadmen and Basquiat because On there political and society ways on ART.

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